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  1. Free 60mm gauge visors - ALL GONE

    As per title, all visors are now gone
  2. Item: 60mm gauge visors Description: 60mm gauge visors. I have 22 of these (which I used to sell when I had a business but this is leftover stock which I'd rather give away rather than dispose of). The visors suit 60mm gauges NOTE : Max diameter of gauge bezel is ~66mm. Photo shows 52mm visor, but 60mm is the same design Price:Free for visor(s), $8 for postage within Australia Location:Beldon/Perth W.A. Contact:alan@mearcat.com.au or PM
  3. Gauge pods

    I used to sell gauge pods for a whole range of cars including all Nissan S chassis a few years ago however I closed down my business due to mounting family commitments and put everything into storage for some time. I recently reviewed everything I have left and want to sell of the remaining stock at cost price. I'm not making any money at this price but simply don't want to just dispose of them. I have the following available and they are all $20ea + postage ($8) from WA 11x S13 single pods 7x S15 single pods The pods I have available are undrilled and suitable for both 52mm and 60mm gauges. Contact me via email alan@mearcat.com.au if you're interested
  4. FYI - my gauge poods are now available for R32, R33, R34 Skylines AND S13, S14 & S15 Silvia/200SX. Only available in single gauges the at the moment, but I have double gauge pods for ALL those models being prepped as I speak and should hopefully be ready by about July.
  5. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    Oh yeah - forgot to update this... The S14 & S15 single gauge pods are now available for purchase via Just SR (User shy180). Check them out in the sponsers section
  6. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    Many apologies to anyone who has been waiting for these pods to be finished. I shipped a box of pod prototypes for the Stagea, Skyline & Silvia/200SX to the fibreglass fabricator at the beginning of January. Unfortunately, the box with all the pods has gone AWOL. Thanks to some misinformation by Australia Post, tracking is not actually available even though I paid for it! So hopefully the pods will turn up soon (or get returned to me) and fabrication can begin.
  7. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    Update : As per S14, an S15 has been found and a single & double gauge pod prototype finished. Pics will be uploaded to my webspace (see link in original post) soon. I am trying to find anyone with an R34 coupe. If you have one or know of someone who owns one, I would love to hear from you.
  8. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    I also work full-time, so any cars I loan are used on weekends only. What size gauges fit in the S15 vents? Depending on the size/shape of the dash, it may be possible to make a single AND double gauge pod like I did for the S14. It may be a while, but watch this space ... I'll post details when it's done
  9. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    I have finished the design for the S14 - both single AND double pod. See pics on the page http://www.mearcat.com.au . The double gauge pod does not obstruct forward vision very much at all. You can see over it without an issue. These pods pictured are one-off items I've made and if anyone is interested in getting on of these, I'll need about 8 people interested (with deposit paid in conjuction with Justsr.com) in each type to get a small batch made. -Alan
  10. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    I have confirmed today I have access to an S14 soon. Thanks anyway
  11. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    Which one sticks out too much? My design or the Greddy A-pillar design?
  12. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    I have had NO interest from anyone with a S14 or S15. Does no-one want a FREE gauge pod in exchange for using your car for a few days?? (while it's stationary of course) Please contact me if you're interested in saving ~$80 -Alan
  13. Gauge Pods for S14 & S15

    Thanks to all those who have replied and offered/committed to loaning their "pride & joy". The R32 & R34 pods designs have been completed - See HERE for pics. I would still like to source a S14 & S15 cars. Anyone who is interested, please contact me and I can give several references of people who I have loaned cars from. Cheers, Alan
  14. UPDATE : I require a S14 & S15 to trial fit the completed single gauge pods. No drilling or dismantling required - just put the pod on the dash & confirm fitment. Please PM or contact me at alan@mearcat.com.au if you can help out To all S14/S15 owners, Over the past few months, I have been designing and fabricating fibreglass gauge pods for the R33 Skyline and S13 series cars (see pics HERE). I have recently come to an agreement with an Eastern States company (www.JustSR.com) that they will distribute the R33 & S13 gauge pods. We both hope the range will be expanded to include the S14 & S15 models and also R32 & R34 Skylines. I am currently trying to source any owners in Perth (preferably NOR) that have an S14 or S15 (or even R32/R34) available that I can use either at my residence or even yours as a base to make the gauge pod design for those models. I wholly understand anybody's reluctance to loan an unknown person their car - I have already loaned several cars from Autoworx in Wangara (Perth-based Japanese car importers) over the last couple of weekends and I would freely invite anyone to contact Paul Hewitt at Autoworx for a reference on how well I looked after his cars. Any car that may be stored at my house will sit aside my modified R33 in the locked garage and will not be driven AT ALL. In saying that, I am prepared to do the work at your residence if required. At 31 years old and a business person, I'm not just a young 'hoon' and I regard myself as a very professional person to deal with and take a lot of respect for others and their property. If you are seriously interested (no spams please), please email me for more information. I am prepared to offer a free gauge pod when they are finished or monetary compensation for the use of your car. Regards, Alan