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  1. SR20 shit for sale

    Coils sold
  2. SR20 shit for sale

    Got an SR20 build on the go at the moment but losing interest in it quick so if i can move it on for a decent price i will. SR20 N/A block from an s13, has oil drain for turbo, bores measured and within factory spec, been hydra blasted so looks brand new Head has also been completely cleaned, oil clearances checked and everything is within spec Havent measured crank yet but doesn't have any noticeable score marks, 60,000ks on engine and lived its life as an N/A Has forged rods either eagle or spool cant remember, with ARP rod bolts ARP head studs Aftermarket think wall stainless steam pipe manifold LS1 coil pack conversion with bracket Tomei rocker arm stoppers Quick run down on approx what i want for individual parts: Rods $300 Headstuds $150 Head with rocker arm stoppers $150 LS1 coil packs with bracket $50 Manifold $250 Or take the lot for $600, basically needs rings, bearings, headgasket and water pump. If you don't have money please don't bother messaging, ive been out of the nissan game for a long time so if my prices are way out of line i apologise 0427979096 is the best way to contact me as I'm not on here a lot anymore http://i68.tinypic.com/6h6ngk.png http://i64.tinypic.com/25jimgm.jpg http://i64.tinypic.com/rsad51.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/2qss76d.jpg http://i64.tinypic.com/2ce3ypc.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/33mu1b6.jpg
  3. Rays Te37 - $2,800

    Price : $2,800 Condition : Used Lets keep this short and sweet Genuine TE37s 18x9.5 +12 all round Custom blue grey Brand new 245/40/18 tyres $2800 Also Buddy club p1 17x9 +20 all round Brand new 235/45/17 federal 595 $1000 Contact number 0427979096 Fire away
  4. Buddy Club P1s - $1,500

    Price : $1,500 Condition : Good Hey guys, up for sale are my 17" Bronze buddy club p1s They are 17x9 +20 all round and you dont often see them in these sizes. They all have Federal 595s that are around 2000kms old and im running basically 0 camber so theres no uneven wear! All are in good condition, no buckles but just a little rash on one. Im asking $1500 as im in no rush to get rid of them but it would be nice to have some extra money for when i go overseas in 2 months so if you have money then feel free to come have a suss of them and make an offer, My number is 0427979096 and im located way down south in port elliot but am always up in adelaide so i can deliver them, also postage is fine but at your cost obviously.
  5. Make : TOYOTA CHASER Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 110000 Price : $25,000 Condition : Used Well i didn't think this day would come for a long time but as you know circumstances change and so do priorities! This car has been my pride and joy for almost 2 years now and no expense has been spared, if i dig through my receipts i could come close to $20,000 in new parts that have been put on this car in the last 12 months! The car has made 270kws on 18psi but is currently tuned as of today at 250kws. Ok a bit about the car... Its a 1998 model JZX100 Tourer V Manual Odo currently says 90,000km but its actually 110,000kms Engine: Tomei ARMS turbo Tomei PONCAMS Tomei 255L fuel pump Denso 550cc injectors 100k service Greddy timing belt Greddy LS cooler + piping Greddy radiator pipe Greddy turbo timer 3.5’’ AM Performance exhaust with TRD muffler AM Performance split dump, intake pipe and breather pipes Power FC EL edition Pivot engine start button Gearbox/Driveline: Brand new factory 3rd /4th selector Brand new Billet 1st /2nd selector Brand new bearings + synchros Brand new 2nd gear and counter gear Marlin Crawler thrust washer Marlin Crawler bearing retainer Lightweight flywheel Extreme 4 PUK carbon clutch Custom tailshaft TRD 2 way diff New diff bearings/seals TRD Diff Bushes Wheels/Handling: Buddy club P1 17x9 +20 all round Brand new federal 595s all round BC gold series 14/10 spring rates Tom's underbody triangle brace Cusco strut brace Body: Genuine weather shields Body kit painted about 2 months ago Clearworld smoked corner indicators Smoked side indicators HIDS Series 2 tail lights Origin CF roof lip Rolled + Flared guards Turbo, Cams, Gearbox, Diff, Injectors and Fuel pump all brand new installed 07/05/13 @87,638 Run fully synthetic oil in engine, gearbox and diff since I’ve had it. This is a ridiculously fun car to drive and cops just think its a camry! Its not a pig to drive, its not loud, its not on bump stops and it gets close to 500kms to a tank on fuel so its been great to have as a daily! Its just overkill for what i want at the moment and my main priority is buying my first home so it would be nice to have some extra cash. Everything, and i mean pretty well everything was purchased brand new by me to put in this car! No expense has been spared and i hope my attention to detail will help me pass this onto someone who is equally caring as me! As for price, i'm after genuine offers over $20,000. I will consider swaps for a car worth less than $10,000 With cash ontop. If you can't see already i DO NOT want to get rid of this car so don't bother low balling me or telling me i'm dreaming as i have spent over $35,000 (incl purchase price) on this car so i don't think i'm asking too much.
  6. Price : $10 Condition : Used Apexi power fc These are extremely rare. APEX'i never officially made a Power FC that supports the RB20 engine. AP ENGINEERING, a small Australian company made factory authorized modified versions. I can't swear by it, but i've heard less than 300 of these were ever made. This can also run a series 1 RB25, but you lose VCT control. $1500 ONO!!!! z32 AFM + Tomei plug + apexi power intake $250 ignition module $100 Rear camber arms $120 Front strut brace $100 Rear strut brace $100 Adjustable front castor arms $200 5speed box 3rd busted (from memory) would suit rebuild, great condition $50 manual bellhousing $50 steering suround with boost gauge hole $10 GTR front bar r32 red black lip (just been professionally resprayed) As close to mint as you'll find. $650 ono cam covers (one has small dent. painted black) $20 Standard dump pipe $15 Random parts: HKS wastegate 50mm + stainless screamer pipe (one of the boost/vac nipple broken, $3 fix at a hardware store) $300 ono 100mm polished alloy throttle body (brand new) $100 ono About 100,000 1ggte and z20 parts. If you need anything, just ask! Request photos via text please! Located in Tranmere SA Give me a call/text 0401485975 please DO NOT email/PM me. If you don't have money don't call. Not interested in having my time wasted.
  7. Buddy Club P1s - $1,000

    Price : $1,000 Condition : Used Hey guys the time has come to sell my rims to make way for the new ones. They are genuine Buddy club P1s in bronze colour with blue valve stems. Specs are 17x9 +20 all round with 225/45s 2 pretty well brand new and 2 will need replacing soonish Sit perfect (in my eyes) on a jzx100, I've got rolled and a little bit of flare and these sit pretty well bang on flush! From memory theres a little rash on 1 but the others are pretty close to perfect. Chasing $1000 clams and not a dollar less, these are light as hell and the same price as a set of rotas so don't low ball me! Only got 1 photo of them atm and the cars on jack stands so you can't really see how they sit but off you look up how R33 GTR rims sit on a 100 just add 10mm to the outside lip and thats where they'd sit 0427979096
  8. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 170 Price : $3,900 Condition : Used Sold please delete.
  9. Also had one in my s13 but from memory it come on at 104km/h dont have one in my 32 tho... Just listen to where the noise is coming from, pull apart the dash an cut the bastard
  10. Hey mate, pics of the a pillar gauge holder an guages to fetish.01@hotmail.com Also does it fit s13 or r32 cause there different...