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the don

fd s8 auto to manual conversion

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does anyone know how much a brisbane workshop would roughly charge to convert a rx7 s8 from auto to manual, and is there anything else besides gearbox and maybe ecu which needs to be changed



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A workshop will either say too hard or charge you 3-5k.


The conversion is not hard.


Basically :

Manual Transmission


Manual Flywheel

Manual Pedal Box

Clutch Lines

Manual Tail Shaft

Manual Diff Companion Plate

Manual Brake Master Cylinder


It took me 2 easy days work, without a hoist.


The hardest part is removing the auto box (extremely heavy) and installation of the pedal box.


My car started first go with the auto computer.


IMPORTANT NOTE : The automatic loom is different and needs to be retained, the apexi pfc will work on the auto loom. the manual ecu will work also. The part of the dash to engine loom is the differing part.

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